Wednesday, August 10, 2011

colors in my life - green

A simple cucumber salad with Persian cucumbers, red onion and olive oil+ red wine vinegar dressing.
Egy egyszeru kis uborka salata, voroshagymaval, oliva olajjal es voros bor ecettel.

Basil and mint fresh from the garden.
Friss bazsalikom es menta a kertbol.

 Lime juice from an ice cube tray. Two tablespoon's worth.
 Kis zold citrom leve jegkockatartobol. Ket evokanalnyi.

Basil, mint, frozen lime cube, agave and ice.
Bazsalikom, menta, kis zold citrom leve, jeg es agave szirup edesites keppen.

Froozen smootie, delicious and cooling on a hot summer day.
Fincsi vegeredmeny, husito es finom a nyari napokon.

And a very green salad, avocado, cucumber and kiwi. Half lime juice and olive oil. 
Es egy igen zold salata, avocado, uborka es kiwi. Fel zold citrom leve es oliva olaj.

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  1. Have never tried or thought of avocado with kiwifruit before.
    totally going to have to give it a go now!!