Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yarn Along - kotes es olvasas

I have two passions that keep following me in life. One of them is reading, and the other one is knitting. I am sure this is not a revelation for you, if you read my blog from time to time. However, today I am going to combine the two with this icon, Yarn Along.
The idea behind this icon is to match up two things you enjoy. It could be a description of a knitting, and some musings over a book; or it can be a picture to illustrate your progress in knitting/crocheting and the book.
This is how I join in with Ginny on Wednesdays about knitting and reading.

Ket dolog van amit soha nem unok meg, az olvasas es a kotes. Gondolom, ez nem nagy hir, ha mar olvastatok a blogot, de most elhataroztam, hogy osszekotom oket a Yarn Along gombbal.
Itt az az otlet, hogy ossze hozzuk azt, ami orommel tolt el minket. Az lehet egy kotes/horgolas leirasa, es egy konyvrol valo monfondirozas. Es lehet egy foto is, amin a konyv es az alakulo kotes/horgolas van.
Igy csatlakozom Ginny szerdai olvasok es kotok oldalahoz.

I am in Hungary for a few more weeks. I just finished reading Doris Lessing's book, The fifth child in Hungarian. I did not know much about her, except that she won the Nobel Price some time ago. So when I happened to see this book in the library, I took it out.
I am not into her style. However I need to say, that writing about emotionally taxing things in such an ease is amazing. While reading it, it almost lets you slide over the big problem/challenge.
I have promised friends here to knit them stuff. I am almost done with a teapot cozy, a hat, and have to make a fingerless mitten. Having promised all these things, I could not contain myself and started a lace stole.
Somehow I have to knit lace among other things. The pattern has been on a Hungarian (knitting store's) website for a while now, but I kind of got stuck with triangle shawls. The step by step tutorial with pictures and the graph will make it self explanatory even if you do not speak Hungarian.

Meg par hetig itt vagyok Magyarorszagon, igy a konyvtarbol magyarul hoztam ki Doris Lessing: Az otodik gyerek cimu konyvet. Megint a veletlen vezerelt ehhez a konyvhoz, meg az, hogy tudtam, hogy nyert Nobel dijat, de meg nem olvastam tole semmit sem.
Hat nem mondhatnam hogy megfogott a stilusa. Ugyanakkor nagyon erdekes, hogy hogy tud valaki ilyen lazan irni egy rettenetes problemarol/kihivasrol. Olyannyira laza, hogy majdnem nem veszi eszre az ember, hogy amirol ir annak igazan nagy a sulya.
Sok ismerosnek beigertem itt koteseket, teaskanna boritot, ujjatlan kesztyut, egy sapeszt, de valahogy nem teljes az elet, ha az ember lanya nem kot valami csipkeset. Igy nekialltam egy regen lekozolt mintanak Ercsutol, ami nagyon tetszett mar anno, csak valahogy leragadtam a haromszog alaku kendoknel.


  1. That looks beautiful. Lovely colour and pretty pattern.
    Knitting lace sure is satisfying.

    1. yes there is some lure to it, facinating!

  2. Grey is such a great choice for lace knitting- classic and beautiful.

    1. Grey is becoming my new color. Although this will be a gift, I love the shade myself.