Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yarn along - kotes es olvasas

I have two passions that keep following me in life. One of them is reading, and the other one is knitting. I am sure this is not a revelation for you, if you read my blog from time to time. However, today I am going to combine the two with this icon, Yarn Along.
The idea behind this icon is to match up two things you enjoy. It could be a description of a knitting, and some musings over a book; or it can be a picture to illustrate your progress in knitting/crocheting and the book.
I just finished my Georgiana, so this time I am more about the book. I yet have to block my shawlette, but here is a picture to show you how wonderful the yarn combination is.

I am currently reading Ulickaja's "Sonechka", and I love her (thanks Gabi for the suggestion). She portrays life in the Soviet Union in such a wonderful way that I feel she is the Chekhov of her time. I am reading her in English, even though I believe more of her books have been translated to Hungarian than English, but I found her at the NYPL in English. This is an interesting topic to cover, when you have the option to read someone in either of two languages, which one would you choose? Both are translations... for me the translator is the key to solving this dilemma.
I get the gist of the story, but there are words I don't know, and I tend to ask my husband to translate them for me. He is much quicker than a dictionary. However, in this case he had to look several of them up, as he said these words were from the turn of the century. I have to look this translator up. I wonder if this person translated her other book as well, which I also got from the library.

Ket dolog van amit soha nem unok meg, az olvasas es a kotes. Gondolom, ez nem nagy hir, ha mar olvastatok a blogot, de most elhataroztam, hogy osszekotom oket a Yarn Along gombbal.
Itt az az otlet, hogy ossze hozzuk azt, ami orommel tolt el minket. Az lehet egy kotes/horgolas leirasa, es egy konyvrol valo monfondirozas. Es lehet egy foto is, amin a konyv es az alakulo kotes/horgolas van.
Most fejeztem be Georgiana-t, de meg nem blokkoltam, de azert megmutatom, mert azon tul, hogy szep lett, a fonalba vagyok beleszeretve nagyon.

Most ismerkedtem meg Ulickajaval, (koszi Gabi, hogy ajnlottad) es imadom. Angolul olvasom, es amikor nem tudok par szot es kerdezem a ferjem, hogy mi mit jelent, mert ugye egyszerubb es gyorsabb ez igy, mint a szotar, mindig meg kell keresnie a szotarban, mert szerinte szazadfordulos szavakat hasznal a fordito. Hm. Utana kene neznem ki is ez a fordito? Altalaban ha van lehetosegem valasztani a ket nyelv kozott, a fordito az aki miatt ezt vagy azt a nyelvet valasztom. De most csak angolul talaltam meg a konyvtarban. Kivancsi vagyok, hogy a masik konyvet amit szinten kivettem a konyvtarbol, szinten o forditotta-e?

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