Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yarn Along - Kotes es olvasas

I have two passions that keep following me in life. One of them is reading, and the other one is knitting. I am sure this is not a revelation for you, if you read my blog from time to time. However, today I am going to combine the two with this icon, Yarn Along.
The idea behind this icon is to match up two things you enjoy. It could be a description of a knitting, and some musings over a book; or it can be a picture to illustrate your progress in knitting/crocheting and the book.
This is how I join in with Ginny on Wednesdays about knitting and reading.

Ket dolog van amit soha nem unok meg, az olvasas es a kotes. Gondolom, ez nem nagy hir, ha mar olvastatok a blogot, de most elhataroztam, hogy osszekotom oket a Yarn Along gombbal.
Itt az az otlet, hogy ossze hozzuk azt, ami orommel tolt el minket. Az lehet egy kotes/horgolas leirasa, es egy konyvrol valo monfondirozas. Es lehet egy foto is, amin a konyv es az alakulo kotes/horgolas van.
Igy csatlakozom Ginny szerdai olvasok es kotok oldalahoz.

I have arrived To Hungary yesterday.  On my trip I was knitting Swallowtail, which is going to be a surprise for someone, so this is all I can write about it for now.
The book is in Hungarian, my friend recommend  it to me before I left for New York. So I took it with me, but did not read it in the past six weeks.  The author, Daniel Glattauer I think is German, and there is a sequel. 
Tegnap megerkeztem Magyarorszagra. Az uton a kis fecskefarku kendommel bibraltam. Ez egy meplepi lesz, igy most nem tudok errol sokkal tobbet irni.
Ez a konyvet a baratnom ajanlotta, mar par hete meg mielott visszamentem volna New Yorkba, es most hozom vissza. Persze csak most kezdtem el olvasni...

  I love the color, and the yarn.
  Imadom a ezt a fonalat, nem ez az elso alkalom hogy hasznalom, es a szine is olyan szep.

I have finished my  Miralda shawl. It looks beautiful.
Befejeztem Miraldat, nagyon szep lett.

    I love the red color, so I am thinking of knitting a warmer winter shawl from a chunkier red yarn soon.
    Szeretnek meg egy piros kendot, vastag fonalbol, hogy telen jo melegen tartson.


  1. That red shawl is simply gorgeous, I love all the details.

  2. "Miranda" how beautiful. Isn't it amazing what we can make with two sticks and some yarn?

  3. Your knitting is stunning! So delicate and very pretty.

  4. Your Miranda shawl is stunning!! Have a great time in Hungary. I visited Budapest about 12 years ago, and had an incredible time.