Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yarn Along - Kotes es olvasas

I have two passions that keep following me in life. One of them is reading, and the other one is knitting. I am sure this is not a revelation for you, if you read my blog from time to time. However, today I am going to combine the two with this icon, Yarn Along.
The idea behind this icon is to match up two things you enjoy. It could be a description of a knitting, and some musings over a book; or it can be a picture to illustrate your progress in knitting/crocheting and the book.
This is how I join in with Ginny on Wednesdays about knitting and reading.

Ket dolog van amit soha nem unok meg, az olvasas es a kotes. Gondolom, ez nem nagy hir, ha mar olvastatok a blogot, de most elhataroztam, hogy osszekotom oket a Yarn Along gombbal.
Itt az az otlet, hogy ossze hozzuk azt, ami orommel tolt el minket. Az lehet egy kotes/horgolas leirasa, es egy konyvrol valo monfondirozas. Es lehet egy foto is, amin a konyv es az alakulo kotes/horgolas van.
Igy csatlakozom Ginny szerdai olvasok es kotok oldalahoz.

Today was a special day, I sat by the ocean and knit. Simple joy. I am almost done with Miralda.
I went to the library today and took out Ann Budd's Knit Green. I have looked at this book before and love a lot of patterns from it. I really should buy it.

A mai nap azert (is) jol sikerult, mert az oceanparton kothettem par sort. Elmentem a konyvtarba, es ujra kivettem ezt a jo kis kotos konyvet, mar egyszer mazsolaztam belole... Nagyon tetszik tobb minta is belole.
Meg kene vennem, tetszik annyira.



  1. That's a very, very pretty shawl. I love anything red, and it just now occurred to me, I've never knit a red shawl. Must add to "to knit list"... ;-)

    1. Yes I went through the same thought process :)Thanks Anke!